Applications For Our Glass Polishing Systems
Our Polishing Paste & Compounds can be used to remove scratches and many types of stains on Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Low-E Glass, Plate Glass, Mirrors & Acrylic products.
Glass Polishing Products


Our systems are used to restore automobile headlamps and remove scratches from windshields & much more.


In an industry where visibility is most critical, IPS products are used to safely remove scratches and acid damage to restore glass.


Our specially refined polishing paste is used every day to remove scratches & restore the look to sliding glass doors, sun room surfaces and more.

Zoos & Aquariums

Avoiding costly replacement of Tempered Glass & Acrylics can be achieved. Our glass polishing systems eliminate downtime, and save money.


Our Sheer Force Polishing Compounds, Powders & Enhancers can virtually eliminate glass replacement for large commercial shipping vessels, small boats, or yachts.


We supply professional polishing kits to a large variety of people tasked with maintaining large glass surfaces on commercial buildings and offices.

Repair Vehicle Headlamps in Minutes!

Restoring Vehicle Headlamps with IPS polishing Glass Systems

Remove Heavy Scratches from Sliding Glass Doors!

Using IPS Innovative Polishing Systems to remove scratches from sliding glass door

Bathroom Enclosures are no match for our Glass Polishing Compounds.

Bathroom Glass Shower Enclosure being repaired with Polishing Compound from IPS

Remove Scratches from Tempered Glass Stove Tops in minutes!

Removing scratches from Glass Stove To with olishing paste from IPS

When Aviation Glass needs to be restored, companies call IPS.

Removing deep scratches from Jet Plane using IPS Polishing Paste

Who We Are

Innovative Polishing Systems (IPS) has its roots in beautiful Naples, Florida, later moving its headquarters to Stuart, Florida, where it has remained. Founded by Dave Gittins in 1997, he and his team developed various products, including assorted polishing aids & restorative compounds and backer pads. The polishing Paste & compounds were explicitly formulated for materials made of glass and acrylic, allowing manufacturers of glass & acrylic to easily repair damaged material instead of replacing it. Many other businesses have benefited from IPS products, including companies that offer cleaning & maintenance services that include caring for glass or acrylic. Numerous coatings were also developed to enhance the longevity of multiple products made of these materials. IPS can work with clients to develop polishes and do the toll work for distribution. Innovative Polishing Systems was the first company to manufacture and use these products in the glass industry. We presently distribute these professional polishing products all over the world.

Our system utilizes a custom, lightweight, handheld, high-speed polisher (for reducing operator fatigue), suspended compounds, and custom flat assorted pads. We have specialized pads for rapid, deep scratch removal and finishing Glass Polishing Pads. We have developed complete kits for personal and professional use. Our glass & acrylic polishing Paste & compounds are used on a broad spectrum of products, including Vehicle Windshields, Residential & Commercial Windows, Mobile Devices such as Tablets/Phones, Glass Shower Enclosures, Glass & Acrylic Furniture, and more. The potential for the application of our products is endless. If you need to remove scratches or embedded stains from glass or acrylic, IPS has the products you need. We are currently exploring refining our polishing paste for the inclusion of Precision Optics.

We offer professional training sessions, up to twenty personnel at a time, in warehouses and plants or via Zoom. We also provide hands-on training in our corporate facility at 2810 S.E Monroe Street, Stuart, Florida.

Before & After

Vehicle Headlamp Restoration

Our Polishing Systems can be used to make perfect even the most corroded Headlamps.

Before & After

Vehicle Glass Repair

Multiple scratches were removed from this RV & glass restored to its original condition!

Before & After

Residential Applications

Sliding Glass Doors, Shower Enclosures & Other home products can be easily restored.

Before & After

Restore Glass Anywhere

It's more than a scratch-removal process. It is a restoration that lasts a lifetime.

Before & After

Yacht Repair

Remove embedded marks and scratches on acrylic-based materials, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Before & After

Commercial Applications

For over two decades, professionals have used our scratch removal kits to restore outside glass.

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