How To Easily Remove A Scratch from Glass

Scratch Removal Demonstration

In this demonstration, we use two highly advanced products we manufacture and sell to customers worldwide. The first product is our SheerForce Magic Powder. It is required to provide the initial abrasive qualities needed to safely remove and plan the scratch cavity created in the video. The second product used is our Polishing Paste, which is necessary to buff out the remaining micro-scratches & swirl marks in the glass and smooth out the surface.

Using the right products makes the process of removing a deep scratch from any glass or acrylic surface easy. IPS spent years developing its glass polishing paste & compounds making it possible for people in many types of industries to think twice before replacing glass that has been damaged. Our polishing systems can repair glass with Acid Damage, Light to severe Scratches and effortlessly remove Hard-water Stains, Suction Cup marks, and much more.

Products Needed for Scratch Removal:

  • Sheer Force Magic Powder Dry Process
  • Sheer Force Extreme Polishing Paste
  • Two Clean microfiber rags
  • Hand-held high speed polisher
  • Spray bottle filled with water