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Scratched Glass Repair

For a top-quality scratched glass repair system , turn to Innovative Polishing Systems, Inc. We manufacture the most reputable scratch removal systems for glass, acrylic, and stretched polyester while providing the finest customer service. For more than 25 years, our processes and products have saved our customers thousands of dollars in damaged glass.

Company Beginning

IPS was started in Naples, Florida by Dave Gittins where he developed a variety of products, including assorted polishing pads and backer pads. Dave Gittins has also developed various polishing compounds for glass and acrylic as well as numerous coatings. IPS presently has the ability to work with clients to develop polishes and do toll work for your distribution. Innovative Polishing Systems, Inc. was the first company to develop and use these products in the glass industry and Distributes worldwide to our customers.

Comprehensive Processes

Innovative Polishing Systems utilizes a custom, lightweight, handheld, high-speed polisher (for reducing operator fatigue), suspended compounds, and custom flat assorted pads. We have specialized pads for rapid deep scratch removal as well as finishing polishing pads. We have developed complete kits for both personal and professional use but have mostly concentrated in the industrial space. Our glass polishing systems are used on Windshields, Plate Glass, Windows, and Tablet/Phones. We are currently using our knowledge base to expand into the Precision Optics industry.

Educational Certification Course

We offer professional training sessions, up to twenty personnel at a time, in warehouses and plants. We also offer hands on training  in our corporate facility at 2810 S.E Monroe Street Stuart, Florida. Please Contact us at 772-283-6668 and speak with one of our qualified professionals to schedule an appointment.

The money you save using our system will greatly reduce the cost of purchasing new Glass or Acrylic. Please check out our Scratch Removal Demonstration on front page.

Scratched Glass Repair


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“Innovative Polishing Systems is a Globally GreenTM manufacturing company for all your glass and acrylic polishing products. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service with the broadest selection of products at the most competitive prices.”